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Armed Forces, Emergency and Security Services

What is it?


This sector includes three main areas of work:

  • The Armed Forces – the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force
  • The Emergency Services – the police, fire and rescue and ambulance service
  • The Security Services – the prison services, and private security services

They all have one thing in common as they help to protect and keep safe people and property. There are also opportunities for both front-line and support staff in all the services.

For each job sector area you’ll be able to find out more about: 

Plus we’ve put together some links to specialist sites you can explore if you’d like to find out more.

Want to know more?

To give you a snapshot of this large job sector  we have outlined some of the jobs on offer including information about the main entry routes, the job market and future trends - we have not included all the jobs on offer in each sector.

You can also use the National Careers Service Job Profiles website to find out about 100s of jobs and careers, including the ones listed above and many, many more........