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Travel and Tourism

What's happening locally

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In Barnsley there are a total of 600 establishments involved in travel and tourism including those in hospitality and leisure.

In Barnsley there are 134 people employed specifically with travel agencies and tour operators. This accounts for 0.2% of all employment. The figures are made up of:

  • Male Full Time Workers 18
  • Male Part Time Workers 3
  • Female Full Time Workers 72
  • Female Part Time Workers 41
  • Male 21
  • Female 113
  • Total 134
  • Full Time Workers 90
  • Part Time Workers 44

Yorkshire and Humberside...

  • Within the region there are 800 establishments specifically involved in travel and tourist services. For the whole hospitality, leisure, travel & tourism sector there are a total of 15,000 establishments.
  • Total employment in the travel and tourism industry in the region includes 4300 in travel and tourist services and 700 in visitor attractions.
  • The current recession has led to many businesses facing a drop in custom. However the long term forecast for the region is that total employment, including the hospitality and leisure industries, is expected to increase from 167,700 in 2007 to 180,300 in 2017.
  • When taking into account replacement demand (replacing those who leave the industry) it is predicted that 78,200 extra people will be required to work in the overall industry regionally between 2007- 2017.

(People1st: The Hospitality, Leisure, Travel & Tourism Sector in Yorkshire & Humberside, 2009 and Annual Business Inquiry 2008, NOMIS).