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Retail Business

What's happening locally

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  • The retail industry in Barnsley employs 6702 people (9.7% of total employment). 2,406 male and 4,295 female.  Of these 6,702 people working in retail. 2,879 work full time and 3,823 work part time. These figures do not include the retail motor trade.
  • There are 901 retail outlets in Barnsley 89% of these employ between 1-10 people and 10% employ between 11- 49 people. Only 1% of the retail outlets employ between 50 and 200 people.

Yorkshire and Humberside...

  • The retail industry in the Yorkshire & Humberside region employs around 236,400 people, 10% of the total retail workforce in England.
  • Numbers employed have been decreasing. Between 2001-2006 they decreased by 1.9%.
  • 86% of retailers in the region employ 10 people or less.
  • 56% of employees work part-time and 62% are female.
  • Sales assistants and customer service occupations are the largest group of retail workers in the region (51% of total retail employment). Managers are the second largest group (17% of the total).
  • Very few people are employed in call centres in Barnsley. There were 11,400 employed in the region in 2008, accounting for 0.5% of total employment. This had decreased from 13,600 in 2007.
  • Future employment in the retail industry in the region is expected to show a small growth up to 2017.

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