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Yorkshire and Humberside...

The process and manufacturing sector

  • More than 97,000 people work in the process and manufacturing sector in Yorkshire and the Humber.
  • The largest work areas in Yorkshire and the Humber in manufacturing include:
    • Glass and glazing which has 30,600 employees working in 2,270 workplaces
    • Furniture manufacture which has 23,400 employees working in 1,240 workplaces
    • Printing which has 20,400 employees working in 2,080 workplaces
    • Paper which has 13,400 employees working in 310 workplaces
    • Extractive and mineral processing which has 7,100 employees working in 970 workplaces.
  • The majority of firms - 73% - in the Yorkshire and Humber manufacturing industry have fewer than 10 employees, but even though only 2% of companies have more than 200 employees, a third of the total workforce work in these larger companies.
  • 75% of the workforce is male, although the proportion of women in the sector is rising year on year.
  • Around 23% of employees in the Yorkshire and Humber manufacturing sector fall into the process, plant and machine operatives occupational category, and slightly more are classed as skilled trades (26%).
  • Recent forecasts suggest that employment in manual and semi-skilled roles will continue to decrease as this shift progresses, but also that there will be a simultaneous rise in higher level managerial and technical roles.

Sources: Proskills Sector Skills Assessment - England 2010, annex H. Data derived from the Annual Business Inquiry 2007 and the Labour Force Survey 2008. The Yorkshire and the Humber sector profile, 2007/08.

The Food and Drink Sector

  • The food and drink manufacturing industry in Yorkshire and the Humber employs an estimated 52,700 people - this is 12% of the food and drink manufacturing sector's workforce in England.
  • There are 1,300 workplaces in and the majority are small employers with 64% of staff working in organisations of between 1 and 10 staff, and only 6% working in organisations of over 200 staff.
  • Meat and bakery manufacturing employers are the main employers making up almost half of all the food and drink manufacturing in Yorkshire and the Humber area.
  • The Yorkshire and Humber food and drink sector makes up 17% of the region's total manufacturing workforce.
  • 90% of the workforce is employed full-time.
  • 24% of all female workers are employed part-time, compared with 4% of all male workers.
  • The majority of employees are aged 20-24 years (16%) and 40-44 years (16%).
  • Over a third of the current workforce will retire in the next 20 years.
  • 66% of employees are employed at operative or elementary level, 18% at skilled and technical level and 16% at professional and management level.

Source: Yorkshire and the Humber Labour Market Information Profile 2009/2010.