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What's happening locally

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  • In Barnsley, 16.1% (11,400) of total employment is in manufacturing.
  • Within manufacturing in Barnsley, the largest numbers are employed in the manufacture of food products (7900), rubber & plastic products (1700) and other non-metallic mineral products (1500).

Yorkshire and Humberside...

  • In 2007 121,200 people worked in engineering in the Yorkshire & Humberside region.
  • Sheffield has the second largest engineering employment of all local authority areas in England (19700), and Leeds has the fifth largest (14,800).
  • As is the case nationally, total engineering employment in engineering has been falling. Between 1998-2007 total engineering employment in the region fell by 39,000 jobs, a decrease of 24%.
  • Within the Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Medical Devices industries, the region has 31 establishments employing 1735 people (7% of the UK total).
  • Manufacturing employment in the region is expected to decline by 0.7% per year from 2007-2017, compared to a decline of 1.4% per year for the UK as a whole. This is the smallest annual decline of any region in the UK.
  • A total loss of 24,000 jobs is expected between 2007-2017. But the industry has an ageing workforce and so in the next 10 years there will be job opportunities for young people to replace those retiring.

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