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What's happening locally

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  • Barnsley's creative and digital industries sector is growing, aided by a new Digital Media Centre in the town centre.


Yorkshire and Humberside...

  • A total of 45,900 were employed in the Yorkshire & Humberside region in  Art, Design,Craft industries, Cultural Heritage and Performing Arts in 2006. The greatest proportion of this total (24%) was in design.
  • Employment in  Art, Design,Craft industries, Cultural Heritage and Performing Arts  increased in the region by 22% between 2004 and 2006.
  • 40% of all employees are self employed.
  • There are a total of 3955 businesses in these industries in the region, of which 81% employ less than 5 people.
  • Employment in the Media, interactive media, print and publishing sub sector in the region exceeds 24,000.
  • Publishing and Interactive Media dominate the creative media industries in the region, employing between 10,500 and 2500 people. The other main areas are Photo Imaging, employing 2500 and Television, employing 1800 people.
  • 25% of those working in the creative media industries in the region are freelancers, compared to 36% for the UK as a whole.
  • Over 100 people working in film production live in the region. A strong independent film sector has grown around Leeds and Sheffield also has an established and growing independent film sector.
  • 700 people work in radio in the region. There are 5 BBC local radio stations in the region and approximately 20 commercial radio stations.

(Creative and Cultural Skills Sector Skills Council, Skillset, Barnsley Development Agency).

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