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Administration is all about providing the support that every organisation and business needs to function. Administration is vital - 97% of all employers say that they need good administration to survive.

Administration includes:

  • General administration work - administration workers, who may be called administrative assistants or administrators, are needed in all employment sectors including local and central government, health and education.
  • Payroll administration - payroll administrators work as a team to administer their organisation's payroll and may be called pay roll clerks, supervisors and managers. They work across all employment sectors and are responsible for making sure every member of staff is paid the correct amount on the right date.
  • Reception services - these are needed across all organisations to provide the first point of contact for customers or clients and may be provided by a receptionist. Particularly in small and medium companies, reception services are often provided by someone who also does secretarial work.
  • Secretarial services - these are about providing administrative support for a manager or team of people in an organisation and may be provided by a secretary. There are lots of different types of secretaries, from general secretaries or personal assistants who may work for all different types of employers to specialist secretaries or personal assistants such as bi-lingual, legal or medical secretaries who will work for a specialist organisation.

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Business services are about supporting companies of all sizes with their recruitment, efficiency and cost effectiveness, management and productivity needs. This sector also covers entrepreneurs who set up their own businesses.

Business includes:

  • Business Consultancy - this may also be called management consultancy or business analyst consultancy and is all about giving specialist advice to employers. Business consultants will help employers make their business more cost effective; improve the way it is run, its productivity and efficiency.
  • Entrepreneurship - this is all about setting up and working in your own business. There are thousands of different types of business and so what an entrepreneur will do will vary depending on the type and size of their business.
  • Human Resources - this is all about managing the welfare of staff within an organisation and so most employers employ human resources specialist staff - although in some smaller companies this job may be a part of a wider management role. Human resources specialists make sure that the organisation employs the right people, with the skills and qualifications needed for their job.
  • Management - this is all about managing resources (such as people, money and materials or services) and work activities. Most employers need managers - in a small business there may be just one manager who runs the business completely, whereas in larger organisations managers may have specialist roles, for example managing a project or team.

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Financial Services

Financial services are all about the money related products and services that most people in the UK will use. If you have a bank or building society account, use a credit card or have insurance, the financial services industry will have provided it.

Finance includes:

  • Accountancy Accountants are involved in the management of money and the control of the flow of money through a business. Larger companies may employ their own accountant whilst smaller businesses will buy in the services of a self-employed accountant.
  • Banking includes wholesale banking services that support large companies, banks and governments and retail banks that provide financial services for the general population and small businesses. There are online banks and bank branches throughout the UK but many of the very small local branches have closed.
  • Credit and Finance is all about providing loans - enabling people to borrow on credit so that they can buy products that their savings alone may not cover. 
  • Financial Advice is about providing guidance about a wide range of financial products, such as mortgages and investments, to help people and businesses make better financial decisions and plans.  Independent financial advisers are often self -employed.
  • Insurance includes both wholesale insurance professionals who deal with and manage large and complex risks and retail insurance professionals who help people with policies that protect against risks such as theft and fire.
  • Investments are about managing large amounts of money for very wealthy customers, governments and institutions. This is often a specialist part of banking - largely based in the South East of England.

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