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What can you do to future-proof your own plans?

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Find out as much as you can about the trends in the occupation or career area you are thinking about to make sure that opportunties will be on offer in the area you want to work in. You can find out about future trends in more detail by:

  • looking at the future trends section of each job sector on this site

Remember too that:

  • You will also increase your chances of success if you are flexible about travelling - not just in your home town, but also into other parts of South Yorkshire, and don't forget Leeds, which has a large business and finance sector.
  • Make sure that you have a back-up plan. It's always a good idea not to have just one plan. You may be keen to get a job as soon as possible, but you need to think about what else you could do if this isn't possible at the moment. 
  • It's vital to keep learning at work. If you want, or need, to move on to another job in the future, you'll find it much easier if you have some evidence of what you can do at work. The best evidence you can give an employer is a CV that includes work-related qualifications as well as work experience.
  • People with good employability skills have a better chance of finding a job at any time - as these skills will be valuable to employers no matter how much jobs change in the future. So find out more about employability skills and take advantage of any opportunity on offer to develop your personal skills.