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Which skills do you need?

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Employability skills include:

Functional skills:

  • English - using language - writing and communicating clearly, understanding meaning, and setting out information in a logical order.
  • Maths - using numbers - measuring, calculating, estimating quantities, and recording data and calculations.
  • ICT - using IT - operating a computer, both using basic systems and also learning other applications as needed, and using telephones and other technology to communicate.

Personal skills:

  • Self-management - turning up to work and for meetings on time, managing your time, dressing and behaving in the right way for your work situation, responding well to challenges and asking for help when needed.
  • Thinking and solving problems - being creative, reflecting on and learning from your own actions, prioritising tasks you are given to do, analysing situations and developing solutions to problems.
  • Working together and communicating - co-operating and working in a team, being assertive, persuading, being responsible to others, speaking clearly to individuals and groups and listening to any comments or feedback.
  • Understanding the business - understanding how your individual job fits into the organisation as a whole; recognising the needs of everybody involved in a business (customers, managers and service users for example), judging risks, innovating, and contributing to the whole organisation.

You won't have all these skills before you start out at work but it is important to work towards building as many of these employability skills as you can and showing that you have made an effort to develop them. Why not find out how you can show employers you have these skills?