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Society, Health and Development

Future Trends

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A change of government and related policies could result in a slower growth in both public expenditure and employment for the whole of this broad sector.

Children and Young People's Services

In education, there has been a steady rise in the number of teachers in service since 1997, accompanied by a much sharper rise in the number of support staff, particularly teaching assistants and special needs support staff. Some employment growth in Education is also projected; with predictions of a half a per cent growth annually.

Demand for playworkers is high and set to increase with the growth of after-school clubs.

Work with young people is also predicted to continue, with a particular demand for qualified staff.

Community Justice

Community safety and justice has been a high priority for Government spending and is likely to remain so. Recent changes in the Probation Service means the demand for Probation Service Officers is likely to increase. The community justice sector is expected to expand in total with 4,200 extra jobs and there is also likely to be demand to replace workers who leave the sector, for example due to retirement or promotion.

Health and Social Care

In health and social care demand will be driven by a number of long-term factors, such as the ageing population which will increase demand from both government and individuals.

Health and social work are expected to see growth at around one per cent per annum. In addition, staff continue to need to be replaced as they retire or leave; for example the Royal College of Nursing says that almost 200,000 nurses are due to retire over the next 10 years.

There is currently a shortage of social workers and this demand is likely to increase with more posts being created by Local Authorities to help safeguard vulnerable children and adults.

Projection figures from 'Working Futures 2007 -2017' Warwick Institute of Employment Research - November 2008.