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Retail Business

What is it?


The retail job sector covers a huge range of employment. Retail is mainly about selling new and used goods on the internet and in a wide range of retail outlets such as stores and market stalls. The retail business also includes its supply chains - the sourcing, supplying, purchasing, packaging, marketing and delivery of the right goods to sell to customers.  

To make it easier to find the information you need for your career planning we have split this wide sector into the main job areas of:

  • Store Operations 
  • Buying
  • Customer Contact Centres 
  • Marketing 
  • Logistics 

For each job area you'll be able to find out more about types of jobs and how much people earn.

We've also put together information about the whole retail business sector including:

Large retail businesses also employ people in business, administration, finance and information technology jobs.


Want to know more?...

To give you a snapshot of this large job sector we have outlined some of the jobs on offer including information about the main entry routes, the job market and future trends - we have not included all the jobs on offer in each sector.

You can also use the National Careers Service website to find out about 100s of jobs and careers, including the ones listed above and many, many more.

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Retail Business
Job Sector Factsheet, updated December 2011