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Information Technology

The Job Market

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  • In 2007 there were 581,000 people employed in the computing services industry - that's almost two per cent of all employment in the UK. Computing services includes hard and software consultancy and supply, database activities and maintenance and repair of computer equipment.  But IT workers are also employed across many other sectors.
  • When the IT industry is looked at as a whole - including all the professionals working in an IT job role outside the computer services industry - the number employed goes up to 1.2 million! The majority of these IT professionals and managers are employed in large businesses, financial organisations such as banks, public services and the health service. Sectors such as transport and communication and manufacturing also employ significant numbers.
  • 40% of those in the IT industry are employed in businesses in London and the South East.  However, as IT professionals and managers are employed in a wide range of businesses, including manufacturing and public services, there are opportunities throughout South Yorkshire with more opportunities in the larger towns and cities such as Sheffield.  Leeds has a high percentage of financial companies and these are also a good source of regional IT professional employment.
  • People in IT are highly qualified with 59% having a level 4 or 5 qualification (Degree level) and 90 per cent having level 3 (Advanced level) or above -  so it is important to aim for qualifications at least to Advanced level 3.
  • Higher level IT professionals, such as ICT managers and IT strategy/planning professionals, have seen a big growth in numbers in the past decade but jobs such as IT user support and database assistants and clerks, have experienced a significant fall.
  • More than a quarter (28%) of those employed in IT are employed as ICT managers.
  • There is a gender imbalance in the industry as a whole - with 67% of males compared to 33% of females being employed in IT. The gender split in all jobs in the UK is 53% of males compared to 47% of females.
  • 86% of businesses have fewer than five employees.
  • Currently only 15% of jobs in the industry are part-time, but this figure is predicted to grow slightly.

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