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Information Technology

What is it?

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The IT job sector covers a wide range of employment and, as technology changes at a rapid pace, job titles also change to suit the demand of the industry.

There is a distinct computer services industry but in addition many IT staff are employed by most other job sectors such as engineering, construction, business and finance, public services, security services and manufacturing. 

Because IT workers are not just employed in the computer services industry, to make it easier to find the information you need for your career planning, we have split this wide sector into the main occupational areas of:

  • IT management and professional jobs
  • IT technician jobs
  • IT administration jobs 
  • IT engineering jobs

The computer games industry is covered in detail in the Creative and Media job sector.

For each occupational area you'll be able to find out more about what's involved and some of the job titles - but bear in mind that IT job titles are many and varied!  

For each occupational area you’ll be able to find out more about: 

Plus we've put together some links to specialist sites you can explore if you'd like to find out more

To give you a snapshot of this large job sector we have outlined some of the jobs on offer including information about the main entry routes, the job market and future trends - we have not included all the jobs on offer in each sector.

You can also use the National Careers Service website to find out about 100s of jobs and careers, including the ones listed above and many, many more.

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Job Sector Factsheet, updated December 2011