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After a Degree?


Doing a degree and deciding what to do next?

Masters Degree? Doctorate? Vocational Course?  NVQ?  Internship? Job?...

Just what should you choose?

Thinking about a postgraduate course?

Go to the Prospects Postgraduate UK website. You can use this site to search for, and find out more about, postgraduate research and taught courses from all over the UK. There's also news on the latest courses, as well as how to fund your further study, explore studying abroad, and apply for courses online.

Not sure about which career to pursue after your degree?

Make full use of your University careers advice centre. You can find details of all the contact details here.

Your university career advice centre should be your first stop when looking for careers advice whilst you are still studying for your degree. From helping you make your initial career choice to pointing out relevant career opportunities for you, university career advisers are trained professionals who can help you in every stage of your career choice and development.

Many university careers advice centres also offer extensive resources to students to help them find and take advantage of each career opportunity as it arises, including free CV workshops, internet access, coaching on interview techniques and help with filling in job application forms.

If you are a current student seeking help with career choices you should always contact your own university careers adviser.

If you are a graduate, you should make contact initially with a careers adviser from the university you graduated from before getting in touch with a local university careers adviser.

Maybe you know what you want to do for a career and you're planning to get started on a vocational course, for example a post-graduate teacher training course, legal training, or training for a career in the NHS,  as soon as you've finished your degree course?

Whatever you're thinking about doing next you do need to start planning just how you are going to get your foot on the ladder:

Remember too, that the world of work is always changing. There will be jobs around in a few years that just don't exist at the moment, and jobs that are around now that may not be around for ever - so it pays to find out as much as possible about the job market when you're planning your career.  

Starting points for finding out about the World of Work...

This World of Work Barnsley site provides information on the job market - locally, nationally and globally, as well as all the different job sectors to help you think about the areas of work you are interested in.

So why not find out all about: 

Looking for a job or internship?

Use the prospects website to find out about Graduate jobs and work This site has a search engine to help you find a job or internship in the UK, matching what you're looking for.  Plus, if you're not certain yet about which job, you can explore different types of jobs and find out more about companies which offer graduate recruitment programmes.

Also use the new Graduate Talent Pool site - this is a site where you can search and apply for internships after your degree.